Poisonblack kündigen lange Pause an

Poisonblack kündigen lange Pause an

Die finnischen Düsterrocker Poisonblack, an deren Mikrofon Ville Laihiala (ex-Sentenced) steht, kündigen eine lange Bandpause an. Den letzten Gig für diesen Sommer spielt das Quintett aktuell in seiner Heimatstadt Oulu.

Für alle, die nicht mit von der Partie sein können, hier ein kleines Trostpflaster:

Hier das komplette Statement von Ville:
“Greetings oxygen spenders. After these last 15 years we have reached the point in our career that it’s time to stop and think about the future. Thou it has been a great ride with ups and downs, great friends, audiences and whatever has been thrown at us, we’re going to hit the brakes now and lay the band to rest. For how long remains to be seen. As you all know, it has to be 100% or not at all. Personally, I really have to think about that long and hard. On behalf of the band I want to thank the people who have supported us throughout the years. Labels, managers, promoters, clubs, festivals, crews… and especially the fans. Without you this could not have been possible. Take care y’all, V.”

News-Bild: © Lea Sommerhäuser


21 August 2015 NEWS

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